Fuzzy House is an imaginative dollhouse app that brings together digital and physical play. We have made the app because we wanted to make...
- An app that appeal to parents like ourselves who prefer authenticity over princess stereotypes and makeup games

- An app where kids can use their imagination and create their own stories as they play along

- An app where kids can be kids without gender stereotypes
In Fuzzy House you will meet no in-app purchases and no advertisements. There are no time limits, levels, scores or power ups – Fuzzy House is all about free open-ended and imaginative play. There are lots of things to discover and interact with and therefore plenty of replay value.

Fuzzy House is created with a child’s imagination in mind. Enabling “free play” is important, as it not only stimulates your child’s imagination but also encourages open-ended playtime – something we think every kid needs more of!

Fuzzy House is designed, so that 4 year olds as well as 9 year olds can use it – and have fun.

Fuzzy House was supported by DFI – The Danish Film Institute.
Fuzzy House: Winner of "Spilprisen" 2017 - Educational award.

Jury statement: “Learning and education comes in all shapes and sizes; as well as all ages. For smaller children, the goal of education is not always about knowledge, but about the ability to explore and discover. Fuzzy House succeeds tremendously well in delivering exactly this purpose wrapped in a warm, curios and Fuzzy experience. Congratulations to the Fuzzy House team for making such an entertaining and wonderful product.”



Oh, and parents – especially for you: The Fuzzy House website is packed with creative resources for great craft projects!